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By registering, you are only booking the exhibition space.

You can order a prefabricated stand or you have your stand erected by a stand construction company.

You are welcome to contact directly following stand constructors:

Messebau Rappenglitz Service GmbH (individual booths & all-in-one setups)

Mr Knopp


Fon +49 (0)8141 2283527


NürnbergMesse (In-house partner companies, if required)

Yvonne Haag & Michael Weiß

Fon +49 (0) 911 86 06 83 66 & +49 (0) 911 86 06 87 32



You can find the regulations relating to stand design in the General Exhibition Terms and Conditions and in the Technical Regulations. These regulations must be observed.

Stand construction must be approved. Would you therefore please send your stand construction plans to by 19 August 2023.


If you have any queries regarding any aspect of stand construction, stand construction approval or the infrastracture of halls please contact NürnbergMesse, Michael Weiß (Tel.: +49 (0) 911 86 06 87 32)


Additional space is a visitor-free area and can be booked from 6 m². The booking of additional space includes the following set-up by way of rental:

– Walls, white, h=2.50m
– 1 door with longitudinal window, white, lockable
– incl. set-up and dismantling

Please note that the additional floor space is a visitor-free area and consequently may only be used as a storage area. If modifications or additional services are required, please contact:
Messebau Rappenglitz Service GmbH, contact Georg Knopp, e-mail:


If you like, you can also send us the contact details of your stand constructor for further information. We will then forward all the relevant documents directly to this company.