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Traffic and Parking Regulations

Verkehrs- und Parkregelung

Parking in the immediate vicinity of halls and in front of the exits is prohibited for all types of vehicles for the duration of the event. During the assembly and dismantling periods, vehicles may only halt in these areas for loading and unloading. To prevent possible hindrance to the fire service, vehicles are to be removed immediately on completion of this work. Cars can be parked on parking areas “North 4”.

Vehicle access to the exhibition ground is only possible on payment of a deposit of EUR 100.00. The deposit will be refunded if the vehicle leaves the exhibition ground within the time limits stated below.

Time limits during assembly:

  • 1 hour for loading and unloading cars and vehicles up to 3,5 tons
  • for loading and unloading cars and vehicles over 3,5 tons in consultation with the service them on side.

Time limits during dismantling:

Vehicle access to the exhibition ground on the last day of the event is not possible from 1:00 p.m. until approx. one hour after the end of the exhibition due to delivery of empty containers by the exhibition forwarding agents.

Parking for cars
The marked parking areas “North 4-7” is available for parking cars. It is manned on the days of the event from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. or until the end of the respective event each day. You can buy permanent parking permits for cars, vans and trucks.

Parking for trucks, trailers, vans etc.

The parking of trucks, trailers, vans, swap bodies, caravans and mobile homes is prohibited during the exhibition in the areas marked as parking areas (except for delivery, which is restricted to a maximum of 30 minutes). This regulation also applies to vehicles which give the impression of being trucks, trailers, vans, swap bodies, caravans and mobile homes.

Vans without trailers can be parked for a charge during the exhibition in the parking area and trucks, trailers, van with trailers can be parked at the Logistikzentrum Karlsruher Stra├če. The route to these parking areas only a few minutes drive from the exhibition center is signed.

The organizer is entitled to remove vehicles parked in the parking areas or the exhibition ground at 2:00 a.m. the morning of the first day of the event by having them towed away at the cost of the vehicle owner or user.

The exhibitor agrees to ensure that third parties appointed by him such as exhibition service companies, hauler etc. also comply with these regulations.

The display of advertisements, company signs etc. or any other publicity measures on the exhibitors or visitors car parks is prohibited.